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Chapter 1 (First 10 pages)
Jacquelyn was returning from a walk down at the pier when she was heading back to the tavern where she works as a barmaid, two ghostly figures appeared in front of her. Startled, she stopped dead in her tracks. Never seeing anything like this before, she reached out to the glowing bluish-red face. The apparitions moved backward, not allowing any contact. And the two figures circled around her slowly. Amazed with the unknown presence, Jacquelyn became curious to what this mystic presence could be and extended her hand out again. “What are you?” she asked without fear. “Are you angels?” A red glow flashed where the eye sockets once were. Frightened, Jacquelyn took off running towards the town. She did not look back. When she was two blocks away from the tavern, she heard voices coming from inside the cemetery. Catching her breath, she walked slowly, not making any sound as she approached.  “Let’s hurry, and finish digging the grave. The rotting flesh is making m…

Anne Rice on writing!

Really great advice from a great writer. Anne Rice shares her wisdom on writing. A must watch. Enjoy.



Well, it's been a long time coming, but will finally be happening. My long awaited novel, Allured will be launched by summers end. Before anything with Allured can take place, I am going over every inch of my manuscript, making sure all the typos are corrected, the grammar is perfect, and that every sentence is in order. I am sure I will not be able to perfect every single edit, simple fact, I am not an editor, but a writer!

With the way reviewers are on Amazon, I am sure once Allured is available and read, there will be plenty of  people to criticize every aspect of my novel. What I think people need to realize is, all of us are human and we make mistakes. But if I get some bad reviews, and people critique my grammar, and I am sure it's going to happen. I will simply take those comments for what they are worth, and apply them to my other future novels.

Vampires are not Dead!

Vampires are not Dead! And just when you thought “VAMPIRES” were long dead after ‘Twilight’ hit the big screen, and dominated the paranormal romance world. Apparently, Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy novel series is going to be turned into a motion picture. Casting for the first movie has begun for this summer’s shoot.  I posted the article below.
‘Vampire Academy’ Film Takes Flight; Mark Waters Directing Daniel Waters’ Script By MIKE FLEMING JR. AND NANCY TARTAGLIONE | Friday February 1, 2013 @ 8:04pm ESTTags: Daniel WatersIM GlobalMark WatersRelianceVampire Academy: Blood Sisters
EXCLUSIVE: Hoping to tap a new vein in the young adult vampire genre that made Twilight Saga such a global hit, Reliance Entertainment and IM Global are co-financing the first installment of a new film franchise based on the six-volume Richelle Mead young adult novel series that will come to the screen as Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. Daniel Waters, who wrote the iconic Sundance black comedy Heathe…

On Stephen King

I think most of us who either read or write short stories, and novels would agree that Stephen King is an amazing writer with many of his novels becoming box office smashes, and television miniseries.  
I have often wondered while writing myself, what in the world goes on in Mr. King’s mind when he writes. His imagination is superb, describing every little detail, pulling the reader inside the story as if you were a part of what’s happening  But for now, I think all of us who wonder what goes on in such a mastermind of writing will have to keep guessing.
But with writing 49 novels, and everyone of them becoming bestsellers, with earnings in the high millions, is quite an accomplishment. Mr. King’s success makes me to try and strive to be the best writer I can. As with any writer, all of us strive to set goals for ourselves, to be the best that we can, and to be able to deliver great readable stories for many to enjoy.
Below is a list of twenty tips, quoted by Stephen King for writers to …

First Chapter

The first chapter of Death Howls is posted for your reading pleasure. Just click on the tab along the top, and enjoy reading. Don't forget to post a comment, and sign up to follow all post.

A Long Journey

I'm writing today with blood on my lips.
 Well, let's say I have a taste for blood since it's been a long road while writing Allured, and editing underneath her body. The novel started out with 500 spine tingling pages. Now, after putting Allured through the shredder, she clocks in at 444 gripping pages of excitement. 
It really blows me away when I think how much work and time this novel took to get ready to shop out to agents. Three years to be exact. I am sure it will be all worth it in the end. 

Vampire Craze Rocks Our World

Vampire lure has come a long way since Bram Stoker Gothic horror novel “Dracula.”

We've enjoyed the novels from Anne Rice, “The Vampire Chronicles,” that jumped started the vampire craze during the 1990’s with the movie “Interview with a Vampire.” Since then, it seems that the public all around the world has a craving for vampires and it does not seem to stop. Many new authors are coming out with different twist about vampires, causing many novels being turned into motion pictures as “Underworld” and “Twilight” Others, as “True Blood,” a story based off Charlaine Harris; Sookie Stackhouse novels are a large hit, thanks to HBO’s producer Allan Ball. And let us not forget the TV series Vampire Diaries originally written by L.J. Smith that has young and old viewers begging for more.

But where does it end, or does it? Will the public eventually get sick of vampires or will this craze be an ongoing legacy that will continue at the box office for many more years…