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I thought it might be time for a new look, so I changed the face of the blog. Tell me what you think. I decided to keep it simple, and easier to read, and could not choose a good picture to use. So for now, I'll use this one. If anyone has a suggestion, please share with me :)


Hello, Sorry I have not written any new post for a while, but I have been writing query letters, a synopsis of Allured, and polishing the manuscript. This process takes a lot of time, giving me little time for anything else. I am determined this year of 2014, to succeed in this endeavor, doing whatever it takes to get Allured to market. As updates unfold, I'll be posting them here and on Facebook. You can follow me on Facebook, just click the tab and it will automatically take you to the author fan page. The link is also in the body of this post. My best to each of you, and thank you for your support. As time allows, I'll be posting other writings under the tabs, and if you're interested in reading other projects that I've written.
Sincerely T.M. Waltman (aka... Reese, or Teresa)