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I figured it was time that my blog got a new facelift. So here it is. It's fresh, clean and perfect for now.

On another note, I'll be spending  my summer in front of my computer writing book two in the series The Black Rose Tavern, and writing on my other project 'Death Howls' when I have free time. In the meantime, keep reading...

T.M. Waltman

Update on Allured

Allured is currently being read by a New York agent, I've started writing book two in The Black Rose Series. I've only written a few chapter so far, and I've been editing with a fine tooth comb, trying to learn the editing process on my own. I've been reading about how to edit a manuscript, and bought a few books on the subject that seems helpful.  As a writer I find that I have little free time, but that's okay with me. I would love to write fulltime and learn the craft to write more efficiently. In the few moments of spare time I have, I enjoy reading in a wide range of genres. I not only read for enjoyment, I read to learn and study techniques of voice, character development, sentence structure and plot. 
After spending hours in front of the computer today, I'm hoping to go watch Jurassic World.
Keep reading,  T.M. Waltman