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On Stephen King

I think most of us who either read or write short stories, and novels would agree that Stephen King is an amazing writer with many of his novels becoming box office smashes, and television miniseries.  
I have often wondered while writing myself, what in the world goes on in Mr. King’s mind when he writes. His imagination is superb, describing every little detail, pulling the reader inside the story as if you were a part of what’s happening  But for now, I think all of us who wonder what goes on in such a mastermind of writing will have to keep guessing.
But with writing 49 novels, and everyone of them becoming bestsellers, with earnings in the high millions, is quite an accomplishment. Mr. King’s success makes me to try and strive to be the best writer I can. As with any writer, all of us strive to set goals for ourselves, to be the best that we can, and to be able to deliver great readable stories for many to enjoy.
Below is a list of twenty tips, quoted by Stephen King for writers to …

First Chapter

The first chapter of Death Howls is posted for your reading pleasure. Just click on the tab along the top, and enjoy reading. Don't forget to post a comment, and sign up to follow all post.