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Why I Write

I always dreamed in becoming a author.  When I was twelve, my uncle gave me a book called: 'Notes To Myself'.' I had already started to write short stories and shared them with my family and friends before reading the book about a personal writing journey about the author applying short stories, poems and personal thoughts of his life.

As I began writing my own journey about my personal experiences while making that 'huge' transition into adulthood, through a teenagers perspective, the muse started speaking! I started writing poetry after my first real boyfriend broke up with me that lead to be the turning point that boomed my love towards writing.

But I didn't stop with poetry. I started writing songs. I wrote daily journals throughout my teenage years, placing my thoughts down on paper, the words I would never share so I could reflect on my youthful life at a later time.

As I became an adult, I wrote for an escape. I escaped into a different world. A world t…