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Why I Write

I always dreamed in becoming a author.

 When I was twelve, my uncle gave me a book called: 'Notes To Myself'.' I had already started to write short stories and shared them with my family and friends before reading the book about a personal writing journey about the author applying short stories, poems and personal thoughts of his life.

As I began writing my own journey about my personal experiences while making that 'huge' transition into adulthood, through a teenagers perspective, the muse started speaking! I started writing poetry after my first real boyfriend broke up with me that lead to be the turning point that boomed my love towards writing.

But I didn't stop with poetry. I started writing songs. I wrote daily journals throughout my teenage years, placing my thoughts down on paper, the words I would never share so I could reflect on my youthful life at a later time.

As I became an adult, I wrote for an escape. I escaped into a different world. A world that I created, controlled and mastered. And sometimes, mastered me. Characters I have found do this. You start writing a story, have your plot outlined in your head and begin... to discover as you're writing that one of your characters decides to change the way you have intended him to be. Happens to me more often and all for the better.

I enjoy writing. For me it's like someone who sits and plays 'WOW' or another type of 'Roll Playing Games' where you escape into another dimension and into a world that has no limits. You set the theme and plot, develop the heroine, decided on the villain and go from there. I really love this!

When I write, I explorer taboo's and elements I normally would never touch in real life taking it by the horns and running with it! This I find very enjoyable.

In closing, I simply write because I not only love to, feeling the freedom to explore all I can in worlds and lives my imagination permits, but allowing myself to let loose from the world around.    

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I've made a few slight changes to my blog this morning. Please feel free and check out the changes.  I'll tell you one of those changes that I am pleased to announce; I have added a language translator to my blog so anyone that cannot read English will be able to read the blog post and the first chapters in their chosen language. 

I played around with a few languages, Italian and French and was thrilled with the results. Check it out, and the other features that were added. 

I appreciate your comments, feedback and suggestions. I'd love to hear from each of you, so don't hesitate in leaving a message. 

Happy reading,
T.M. Waltman


As of now, I am writing 'Rebirth' book two in The Black Rose Trilogy. Currently, I am writing Chapter 5. I am planing to finish book two by  October or November and then I will start writing the final book afterwards, completing the trilogy. 
From time to time as time permits, I'll be writing between two other novels that I have been working on as well. Which of course depends on how the muse directs. 
I'll post updates with the progress from all novels as they become available. And I'll create new tabs on each of the first chapters of each novel for your reading pleasure.
Please feel free to post comments, questions and opinions here, I'd love to hear from each of you. 
Keep reading,  T.M. Waltman


For several weeks,  I've been reading through the manuscript making slight changes. As an author we want to put our best work out there. That said, I'll be announcing the release date of Allured by the first of April,  2017.

💓❣T.M. Waltman