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Well, it's been a long time coming, but will finally be happening. My long awaited novel, Allured will be launched by summers end. Before anything with Allured can take place, I am going over every inch of my manuscript, making sure all the typos are corrected, the grammar is perfect, and that every sentence is in order. I am sure I will not be able to perfect every single edit, simple fact, I am not an editor, but a writer!

With the way reviewers are on Amazon, I am sure once Allured is available and read, there will be plenty of  people to criticize every aspect of my novel. What I think people need to realize is, all of us are human and we make mistakes. But if I get some bad reviews, and people critique my grammar, and I am sure it's going to happen. I will simply take those comments for what they are worth, and apply them to my other future novels.

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I've made a few slight changes to my blog this morning. Please feel free and check out the changes.  I'll tell you one of those changes that I am pleased to announce; I have added a language translator to my blog so anyone that cannot read English will be able to read the blog post and the first chapters in their chosen language. 

I played around with a few languages, Italian and French and was thrilled with the results. Check it out, and the other features that were added. 

I appreciate your comments, feedback and suggestions. I'd love to hear from each of you, so don't hesitate in leaving a message. 

Happy reading,
T.M. Waltman


As of now, I am writing 'Rebirth' book two in The Black Rose Trilogy. Currently, I am writing Chapter 5. I am planing to finish book two by  October or November and then I will start writing the final book afterwards, completing the trilogy. 
From time to time as time permits, I'll be writing between two other novels that I have been working on as well. Which of course depends on how the muse directs. 
I'll post updates with the progress from all novels as they become available. And I'll create new tabs on each of the first chapters of each novel for your reading pleasure.
Please feel free to post comments, questions and opinions here, I'd love to hear from each of you. 
Keep reading,  T.M. Waltman


For several weeks,  I've been reading through the manuscript making slight changes. As an author we want to put our best work out there. That said, I'll be announcing the release date of Allured by the first of April,  2017.

💓❣T.M. Waltman